Whiteboard Video Fortune Software Download

Whiteboard Video Fortune Software Download



Whiteboard Video Fortune Overview:

Vendor: Vu Binh Minh (Dawn)
Item: Whiteboard Video Fortune
Release Date: 2017-Jan-23
Introduce Time: 11:00 EST
Front-End Price: $17
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Advised: Highly Recommended
Ability: All Levels
Specific niche: Videos


Offline Whiteboard Video Fortune is an astonishing package of 10 done-for-you whiteboard videos in 10 hot, profitable offline niches, plus 10 chalkboard videos with the same content. The videos are made with unique animation method that is RARE in the market. Boring whiteboard videos are all over out there, however the animations you see below will please even the most important entrepreneur.

You can put your name as video developer and offer these videos for offline companies for at least $97 each. Offline companies like whiteboard videos and Whiteboard Video Fortune offers you the very best whiteboard videos. Basic as that! You can be an expert whiteboard video creator right now with Whiteboard Video Fortune.

So what’s blackboard video?

It’s another kind of whiteboard video, developed by adding a chalkboard as background and using white-outline images. Well, blackboard video is a fantastic alternative to whiteboard video.



Researches program that whiteboard video has the capability to get attention, motivate audience engagement and recall info, much better than other type of video, just because people like to see things being drawn. (You understand, drawing is among the earliest and most efficient form of communicating visual ideas throughout human beings history). So whiteboard video is among the most reliable video marketing kinds.

However is producing whiteboard video simple? I’m sorry to say NO.

With the help of effective softwares, it’s basic to create a whiteboard video. However creating a high-converting whiteboard video that STANDS OUT is tough! Yes, it’s truly tough! You will require good video scripts, loads of good-looking art works and unique techniques and strategies to deal with the softwares. However, with this Whiteboard Video Fortune, all problems are solved.


That All Sounds Great … But How Do I Actually GET CLIENTS?

To assist you sell your videos and lead generation services even easier, Dawn has included 10 promotional videos (YES, NOT 1 BUT 10) that will help do the heavy lifting for you on the client acquisition side.

Now you might be questioning: Will I Actually LEARN Anything With This Package Or Is It Just A Bunch Of Videos?

I’m delighted you asked! Dawn and his team have 10 years of combined experience offering to regional companies. Sure, there are people who have been doing it longer but they both found SUCCESS really quickly. They know what works and exactly what does not work when handling local businesses. So, together with the video package, you will get an exclusive report on the best ways to develop a genuine regional marketing organisation from scratch. In this no fluff guide, you will find out:

  • The best ways to edit and rebrand the videos to optimize lead volume.
  • 6 places to find local organisation who are BEGGING for brand-new leads.
  • 10 ways to approach company owner, get their attention and make your first sale in the next few hours.
  • How to maximize your earnings.
  • How to scale your business to six figures and beyond.

You’ll Get Everything You Need To Profit TODAY!

Personally, I truly DO N’T want you to think that “I can develop these videos myself”. Simply keep in mind, it’s basic to develop a whiteboard video, but HARD to create a whiteboard video that in fact CONVERTS into PHONE CALLS! Regional business owners get lots of messages every day about the next “huge thing” in web marketing. What they truly WANT and NEED are more call. These luxury list building videos will get the job done. You see, Dawn has invested $1000’s for the artwork and months of effort to create a plan of 20 sensational videos that will make the phone ring for your clients day in and day out. Why? Due to the fact that he has hundreds of offline customers that enjoy the results these videos bring to their organisation. And you can be one of them today.

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Let’s Sum Up Everything!

  • 20 Stunning Offline Business Videos (Value: $2,997)
  • 10 Service Promotion Videos (Value: $970)
  • Offline Whiteboard Video Fortune Course (Value: $147)
  • Total Real Value: $4114

It’s just easy to see the potential. Assume every month, in each specific niche, you offer ONE video for $97, you’ll gross $970. It’s the most affordable goal you need to set and the lowest rate you ought to use. You can do it if:

  • You’re a total beginner.
  • You’re having a hard time to make money online.
  • You’re thinking of selling to regional businesses, however have no idea what to sell.
  • You’re a full-time marketer and want an easy system to increase your income.
  • Even if you’re an effective offline marketer, your present clients will appreciate that you provide them brand-new worth!




Q: What sort of license are you offering for these videos.
A: Here’s the license details.

[YES] You can sell Offline Whiteboard Video Fortune for offline businesses.
[YES] You can put your name as the developer of the videos.
[YES] You can include the videos to your item to sell to offline organisations.
[NO] You can resell to other marketers.
[NO] You can move the rights of the videos.
[NO] You can utilize the videos as bonus offer, unless it’s for offline client.
In short, Offline Whiteboard Video Fortune is intended to offer to offline service only.

Q: Why do I require 10 blackboard videos with the same material?

A: Blackboard video resembles whiteboard video and it’s likewise high-converting. There are lots of ways to benefit with these chalkboard videos. You can use these blackboard videos to free gift to customers that buy whiteboard videos, or offer your potential customers one more option. The opportunities to get paid will be greater. Plus, having 10 more videos in your portfolio will be better for your existence.

Q: Which software do you utilize to produce these videos?

A: I use Sparkol Videoscribe to develop all of these videos due to the fact that it allows me to create multi-layered drawing animations. There are some more whiteboard video softwares but they cannot do such animations so I generally use Videoscribe.

Q: Can I modify the characters, add customers logo or call best inside the videos?

A: Yes! You have to purchase the source files in the OTO offer for an extra little cost. Then you can use Videoscribe to modify the videos. I’ve included a basic guide on ways to modify the source submits too.

Q: Will the marketplace get filled.

A: Never! There are countless organisations established every day in each market, and there are thousands of cities to target. You can even translate the videos to other language like Spanish, Italian to target these markets for a small investment. The potential market is HUGE!

Get Whiteboard Video Fortune now, click here

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