GraphPlayer Software Download

GraphPlayer Software Download

GraphPlayer Oveview:

Item Name: GraphPlayer
Supplier: Andrew Darius
Item Price: $47.95 – $97.95
Item Type: Software

What Is It?


GraphPlayer is the most effective and flexible video gamer & marketing platform that taps straight into facebook social chart and can play completely different videos on mobile to increase video virality, traffic, leads, and sales.

GraphPlayer has 3 vital things no other gamer on the world has, and practically everything functional from all other gamers.

  • It can play Facebook videos on your site to admit facebook social graph (only GraphPlayer has that feature).
  • It can play completely different video on desktop vs mobile with same gamer (like landscape on desktop and picture on mobile). No other gamer support 2 video sources for exact same gamer.
  • And it can play GIF rather on short-video on mobile so it can autoplay on mobile (video does not autoplay in mobile browser) to improve viral potential, and a lot more.

Videos can be streamed from: Facebook (GraphPlayer special), Youtube, Vimeo, MP4. MP4 can be steamed from any video link consisting of from your own web server, amazon s3 and practically any cloud service with direct link to the mp4 video file.

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GraphPlayer as been introduced on Dec 29th, at 11:00 EST. The rate at that time is just $47.95, so if you mean to purchase it, please act now due to the fact that the cost will increase day by day.


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